13 Februari 2017

[Ninja Saga] Multi Leveling Feb 2017 (Desktop)

Tools :

Note before use this file :
  • Instal SWF Opener and Flash ActiveX.
  • Use SWF Opener to open this file and just fill all your character data.
  • If you start with new char from lv 1, your character must finish the tutorial mission or this swf wont work.
  • Will auto pass lv 20, 40, and 60 exams.
  • Dont take any exam Lv 20, 40, and 60 or if you get lost connection while auto exam started, you must finish the exam in game. (ex : My lv 20 char lost connection while doing chunin mission stage 2, then i need to finish another stages in game).
  • When all exam stages Lv 60 (SJounin) finished, class skill panel will pop-up in the swf and leveling will stop for awhile untill u pick one class, so dont forget to pick one of class skill for your character. After you picked one, leveling will auto run again.
  • Last post, Do With Your Own Risk ^_^

14 komentar:

  1. kan udah pake ini cheat dari lvl 85 sampe 90 koq pas mau login ga 90 ya gan ?

    1. Max cma lv 80 om, klo udah lv 80 ttp bisa nmbah lv tpi cman display aja aslinya gk nmbah alhasil stlah reload lv balik ke normal lgi

    2. gan pertanyaan OOT nih, cheat facebook dragoncity tau nggak ?

  2. hey nugroho u can makea hair style hack???? i hope this hack pls :'v

  3. TP & SS Mission sudh gk work bro

  4. maksud dari amf-nya itu gimana ya gan?
    dibiarin aja atau diubah-ubah seperti di video?

  5. gak bisa di download bang

  6. gk bsa di extrack file nya

  7. bisa selesain tutor exam engga bang ini?