13 Februari 2017

[Ninja Saga] Multi Leveling Feb 2017 (Desktop)

Tools :

Note before use this file :
  • Instal SWF Opener and Flash ActiveX.
  • Use SWF Opener to open this file and just fill all your character data.
  • If you start with new char from lv 1, your character must finish the tutorial mission or this swf wont work.
  • Will auto pass lv 20, 40, and 60 exams.
  • Dont take any exam Lv 20, 40, and 60 or if you get lost connection while auto exam started, you must finish the exam in game. (ex : My lv 20 char lost connection while doing chunin mission stage 2, then i need to finish another stages in game).
  • When all exam stages Lv 60 (SJounin) finished, class skill panel will pop-up in the swf and leveling will stop for awhile untill u pick one class, so dont forget to pick one of class skill for your character. After you picked one, leveling will auto run again.
  • Last post, Do With Your Own Risk ^_^

30 Januari 2017

[ Ninja Saga ] ATM Exp Ninja Saga + Token finder

SWF File : Download [ Update Jan 30 2017 ]

Fiture inside :
  • ATM Exp for level 1 ~ 80
  • Exam Chunin & Jounin
  • Exam Special Jounin hard mode
  • Exam Senior Tutor hard mode
  • Exam Senior Tutor easy mode
  • Token Finder < Minimum Lv 45 >

[Ninja Saga] S Lv Mission

Watch this video below, Download link in the video's description.
SWF : Download [Link Updated Jan 30 2017]
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20 Januari 2017